Creative meeting/working space

Spoke6 is a flexible space to work independently or in collaboration other creatives in Tucson. Read our Frequently Asked Questions here »

Origins of the name
“Spoke” was chosen to signify bike-friendly and sustainable qualities along with being part of a larger network (many spokes together support a wheel so it may turn).  This space should also be a “spoke” of your business to help it work smoothly.

“6” was chosen because this space is on the corner of 6th Street and 6th Avenue, the 6 degrees of separation theory of connection, and because Chinese culture considers the number 6 to be “fluid” and therefore lucky for business and happiness.


Spoke6’s mission is to provide professional co-working space for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to work and hold meetings near Downtown Tucson. This space facilitates an evolving atmosphere of creative synergy for professionals and to provide educational events in Tucson. Spoke6 is a destination for focus and inspiration.

Spoke6 is ideal for Web Designers + Developers, Creatives, Writers, Illustrators, Photographers, and Entrepreneurs.

The Neighborhood »
Located at 439 N 6th Avenue (Southwest corner of 6th & 6th), Spoke6 includes amenities such as: high-speed internet (wifi), independent and group working areas, space for special events, a conference room, free parking for bikes and motor vehicles, laser & color printer access, mailbox service, easy walking (or biking) access to Downtown and 4th Avenue, and even a locker room with showers.

Spoke6 is the official home of the Tucson Digital Arts Community (TDAC) »