We’ll be answering and posting all questions below. Please feel free to ask your question through our contact form.

How do I get started?
Schedule a FREE day and give Spoke6 a try. There are 18 spacious desks available with chairs and nearby power outlets.  High speed internet is available through a secure WiFi network.

Where do I park?
- Bikes are stored in the back room for free.
- Motor Vehicles may be parked in the South parking lot or on 6th Ave in front of Spoke6.

Can I meet clients at Spoke6?
-Yes, Key Members can reserve either of the two conference rooms online.
-Other members and drop-ins can use it on a first come / first serve basis.

Can I teach classes here?
- The conference room may be used for teaching.
- Key Members may teach after hours at any open desk spaces.

Can I leave my stuff here?
- Regular Members get a small locker.
- Key Members get a larger locker.

Who monitors the space?
- Key members monitor the space and close up at the end of the day.
- Individuals are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

If I jog or ride by bike to work, where can I freshen up?
There are men’s and women’s bathrooms with lockers and showers.

Can I eat and drink at my desk?
Yes, though please clean up after yourself. There is a break room down the hall if you want a change of scenery. 4th Avenue and Downtown restaurants are both a short walk away. Coffee and Seven Cups tea is complimentary.

I prefer to work at odd hours, can Spoke6 accomodate me?
-Key members have 24/7 access.
-Everyone else can use the space only when a key members is there (Generally 9-5, Monday – Friday).  Check the upcoming schedule here »

Can I rent the space for an event? Will you be open for First Saturday?
Yes! If you have an event you’d like to hold on First Saturday you have the opportunity to reserve these dates.
-Key Members can hold up to 3 events a month (after hours).