April Tucson WordPress Meetup Recap

Last nights WordPress meetup was filled with awesomeness as always. The speakers shared some great material with us ranging from the adventure of overhauling a site that was built on b2 (that was the predecessor to WordPress!) to some awesome plugins that are bound to make your life easier.

Thank you to last nights speakers and everyone else who came out, we’ll see you next month! If you couldn’t make last nights event below are some quick recaps of each speakers talk.

Lance Willett: Lance only gave us some quick updates this time around but they were definitely important. WordPress 3.4 will be released this summer and they’re looking for people to beta test it right now. So if you’ve got the guts or even better yet the test environment they would definitely appreciate some feedback.

George Jenson: Customization and awesome geekery allowed George to take what looked like a pre-historic site to a sleek and smooth running WordPress machine. Lucky for George the client had built their original site on b2 (WordPress’s predecessor) which meant he was able to export all of the sites data…don’t you just love WordPress! So with his programming prowess he built himself some custom plugins and created the finely tuned site that you can checkout right here: http://speedreaders.info/ 

Gabe Luethje: Whatever you do, don’t push the red button…regardless of how many times you tell someone they’re still going to push it. Gabe introduced us to a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields, a super cool plugin that helps you create custom fields to put content in. It also helps in making sure your clients know exactly where to go to put certain information on their site…in turn helping make sure they don’t accidentally “push the red button”. The plugin is free with some paid add-ons, but comes with some great features and documentation right out of the box. Check out the plugin here: http://advancedcustomfields.com

Sherif Morgan: There’s just too many of them…WordPress sites that is. If you work with WordPress your bound to end up managing multiple sites, and keeping track of all those pesky logins and updates can be a hassle. Sherif shared with us a tool by the name of ManageWp. The tool allows you manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard and has some pretty neat features like backing up your sites and performing bulk operations across all of them. Its got a free version for up to three sites and is paid after that. You can check out ManageWP’s site here: http://managewp.com/


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