How do I get started?

Schedule a Free 1-Day Trial to give Spoke6 a try!

Where do I park?

We proudly offer free indoor bike storage and free parking for motor vehicles. Bikes are safely stored in the backroom. Motor Vehicles can be parked in the building’s south parking lot or on 6th Ave in front of Spoke6.


Can I hold client meetings at Spoke6?

Yes, Premium members have first-priority access to either of our conference rooms. Members must reserve the rooms ahead of time to ensure their availability. Drop in and Basic members can reserve the conference rooms on a first come/first serve basis.


Am I allowed to eat and drink on my desk?

Members can eat and drink on their desks at their own discretion. We recommend using containers with a lid to prevent unfortunate accidents from happening. We do ask that our members clean up after themselves to maintain a clean and professional environment.


Can Spoke6 accommodate me if I prefer to work at odd hours?

Yes, our Premium members are granted access to the building 24/7.

If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to call us or fill out a contact form.