Let The Re-re-design Begin!

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Indeed…Spoke6.com is getting another facelift and it’s going to be better than ever! Were working towards making the site of greater value to Spoke6 members. So that means actually updating the blog to start with :) But its mainly going to be about adding features to the site that will give members the chance to actually utilize it beyond just checking the schedule. We definitely want to know what you as Spoke6 members and visitors want from the site, so we’ve got a survey we’re conducting (which you can find below) and we’d greatly appreciate your input.

Also if you’re wondering who the kid with the long hair is hanging out with Tim during the week that would be myself: Ahmad Taleb. I’m pretending to help Tim out with the redesign of the site and other random stuff…like blogging. So if the blog posts put you to sleep or your cringing at the bad grammer it’s me you want throw the tomatoes at not Tim.

But do fill out the survey or shoot us a message and let us know your ideas…no matter how wild they are!


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