Summer Updates

Spoke6 has been open for over a year now (officially since March of 2010) and the space has morphed into a creative and collaborative working environment for a variety of Tucson’s finest. Things have evolved quite a bit during this time and we’ve gotten to the point where the systems have been set and are ready to be formalized. Therefore, starting June 1st, 2011 the following new opportunities and adjustments will be implemented:

  • New signs will be installed for key members. These will be larger and located on both the South and East sides of the building along with a smaller sign on the inside hallway of the building. The purpose of these new signs is to clear up any confusion clients or collaborators have in finding the company they are looking for.
  • Coworking VisaSpoke6 is now part of the Coworking Visa program! This means our key members may have free use (generally up to 3 days) at any of the 200 other member coworking spaces throughout the world. To read more about this and see a few sample coworking spaces click here »
  • Members will need to sign a terms of service agreement. This just helps protect everyone involved with Spoke6 and makes sure everybody is on the same page as far as expectations go. The purpose of this agreement is to provide a reference point to help answer any questions or issues which may arise while at Spoke6. This agreement will be finalized and ready for review by Friday, May 27th.
  • Our rates for monthly members (not key members) have gone up slightly to $150/month and there is no longer a discount for multiple members of an organization. To offset this we’re now offering a 6-day punch card that may be purchased for $100 ($20 savings). This punch card does NOT expire so it’s perfect for those who use Spoke6 sporadically.
  • We’re implementing a referral program where any person who refers someone who turns into a member will receive a credit of $50 (for monthly members) or $100 (for key members).
  • The Spoke6 mail key will be available for all key members. While members have always had the ability to have packages delivered to the office this step should help encourage business address usage. All mail will be delivered to members desks (if present) or placed in the appropriate box in the back room.

During the coming months, Spoke6 will be hosting an increased number of events (in addition to Startup Drinks, Cocoa Heads, WordPress and Linchpin meetups) focusing on blogging, creativity, screen printing, programming and more. We have some exciting things coming up which will be announced on this blog, through Twitter and on our Facebook page. We’ll also be expanding our hours a few nights a week to allow drop-ins to work into the evening.

Please let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see happen at Spoke6 by leaving a comment…

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