Spoke6 is a space for you to work and collaborate with like-minded professionals in all creative fields. »

Name Origins: Why “Spoke”?

A spoke wheel is the strongest, most efficient wheel design to use on a bicycle. What makes the spoke wheel design superior to others is the combined strength of its many spokes. Like the spokes on a wheel, our members are what strengthen and enhance the Spoke6 community. The word “spoke” is meant to recognize and celebrate each of our members as an essential part of our community.

Why “6”?

The number 6 refers to our distinct location on 6th and 6th.

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The Layout

Our versatile office layout lets members work independently and in collaboration with others. Members also have access to either of our spacious conference rooms.


spoke6 floor plan


Our mission is to provide our community of members with a comfortable and professional work environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

The Neighborhood

The Spoke6 creative space is located in the old Firestone Tire building just north of downtown Tucson in the heart of the Arts District. Our location offers a variety of restaurants and coffee shops at a walking distance where you can take a break or meet clients for lunch.

The Community

Spoke6 is the official home of Graphic Fusion Design and the Tucson Digital Arts Community (TDAC), as well as a growing number of independent creative professionals.

What You Get


  • Access to Free Spoke6 events
  • Showers and lounge area
  • Indoor bike storage
  • Free motor vehicle parking
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Play your music with AirPlay


  • Large Screen monitors for your laptop
  • Kitchen with a fridge
  • Large white boards
  • Spacious conference rooms
  • Secure storage boxes
  • Large Screen projector and TV


  • Bike-friendly
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Courteous and professional attitude
  • Dynamic environment

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