Website Update + Schedule

We’ve just updated the Spoke6 website with loads more information about co-working and the space.  More photos are waiting to be added, but the structure is there for them and will be filled shortly.

The most notable new feature is the Upcoming Schedule page where you can see when Spoke6 will be open during coming days/weeks.  This will allow us to expand hours as key members decide to work early or late. We’ve also added a members page and profiles have been created for current members.  These may be edited at any time and used to promote the individual members of Spoke6.

In the physical space we’ve recently added a couch in the side room and an 8’x4′ whiteboard.  In the back room bike hooks have been installed for easy/safe storage for up to 6 bikes at a time.

I’ll be gone for a week starting tomorrow so please be sure to check the Upcoming Schedule page if you plan on dropping by (and don’t have a key).  Josh Williams will be in charge of the space during this time.

.: Tim

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