Mario Strikers: Battle League Review

Mario Strikers: Battle League Review

Mario Strikers: Battle League is an over-the-top soccer game that’s wildly fun, even though it does very little new.

Mario Strikers Battle League Is The Most PATHETIC Game Nintendo Has EVER Made

Nintendo Switch games have gotten into a pattern of releasing in an unfinished way, then hopefully getting completed with “free DLC”. Nintendo Switch Sports is one of the most recent examples. It is also one of the worst games Nintendo has ever put out. But with Mario Strikers, it looked promising. Next Level Games is an excellent developer, and have put out excellent games. But Battle League ended up being not just mediocre, but not a good game. Why is that? I am joined by Uncle Al to showcase what went wrong with Mario Strikers, as well as a few more guests!

Be sure to check out Uncle Al and Tricky Nick! They are well worth checking out and their content is done. The correct way.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Review

Mario Strikers: Battle League may be the most mechanically dense Mario sports game I’ve played. The latest Mushroom Kingdom spin on soccer looks to take the sport seriously, allowing you to juggle passes, tackle, dodge, and cancel moves as the situation demands, even before factoring in its uniquely silly Mario twists.

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